In a statement issued this afternoon, Juliet Holness’ parents – Mr. and Mrs. Landell, say they are saddened that their good family name has been dragged through the mud by accusations that their son is a drug dealer and money launderer.

Mrs. Holness’ parents say they’ve retained an attorney to defend their reputation.

In a statement issued this afternoon – Mrs. Holness’ parents said they’ve has taken note that on social media and throughout Jamaica, PNP members, including Councilors and PNP affiliated groups, have commenced a campaign of misinformation.

Mrs. Holness’ parents said the allegation that their son is a drug dealer is not only demonstrably false, but defamation of character which is aimed to distract from real issues and to malign their children.

According to Mrs. Holness’ parents – it’s disappointing that PNP members would hold ordinary citizens in such low regard.

The statement from Mr. and Mrs. Llandel says their lawyers are making a record of each and every public statement made to defame their son and daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Llandel say those responsible for weaving the disgusting web of lies will be held accountable in a court of law.

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