Nationwide News understands that Juliet Holness, the wife of Opposition leader, Andrew Holness, is set to face the JLP’s Selection Committee on Monday.

This following her application to contest the East Rural St. Andrew seat in the next general elections.

Our sources say Mrs. Holness is the only applicant for the seat.

The JLP’s Selection Committee is chaired by the Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness.

The party’s General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang told us on Thursday that Mrs. Holness’ application will be treated as any other.

Efforts today to ask Dr. Chang whether Mr. Holness will recuse himself from the meeting of the selection committee, given the conflict of interest, were unsuccessful, as his phones rang to voicemail.

If selected, Mrs. Holness will challenge another newcomer to representational politics, the PNP’s Imani Duncan Pryce.

East Rural St. Andrew is one of the 22 marginal seats that will decide the outcome of the next general elections.