Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck is appealing to Opposition Senators to vote in support of extending the States of Emergency for 14 more days, while giving the government time to address the concerns they’ve raised in relation to the regulations governing the new enhanced security measures.

The Opposition has emphasised that their concerns about the new regulations governing the seven new SOEs were not adequately considered.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck made the appeal for more time while speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning.

In his final efforts to hold on to the measure for another two weeks, the Justice Minister told Nationwide he’d be messaging the Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Donna Scott Mottley, appealing for an extension.

Here’s what the Justice Minister said.

Delroy Chuck, Justice Minister.

In the meantime, the Justice Minister disclosed that there’s a stalemate with the Opposition that has opposed several suggested provisions in relation to detention under the anticipated Enhanced Security Measures Act, ESMA.

The Opposition has questioned the long delay in the government bringing the bill to Parliament.

The Justice Minister further disclosed that the Opposition disagreed with most of the policies in the draft Bill.

Delroy Chuck, Justice Minister.

The Justice Minister says the Enhanced Security Measures Act, ESMA, cannot be a mild version of the SOE legislation. He says ESMA must have some provisions similar to that of the SOE.