Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, is describing as ‘wicked’ some employees of the Edna Manley Health Centre, who he’s accusing of charging patients $1,000 fee, to access the service which is meant to be free of cost.

The Minister says he discovered the corrupt practice this week, and reported the perpetrators to the Police. But, he says that is just one of several corrupt practices taking place across the island. He’s calling for people to be heroes and expose such acts of criminality.

The Justice Minister was addressing the commissioning ceremony for 37 Justices of the Peace, JPs, at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in St Mary last week.

The Edna Manley Health Centre, in Kingston, can only serve some 300 patients per day. But, Minister Chuck says more than that number of patients converge on the facility each day to seek medical care.

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He says the practice was being facilitated by employees of the clinic.

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The Justice Minister says corruption makes a victim of the poor.

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He notes that Jamaicans are often outstanding on the international stage. But, Minister Chuck is calling on Jamaicans to conduct themselves better here at home.

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