Acting President of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, Phyllis Smith-Seymour says justice and due process must take its course in regard to allegations of sexual abuse made against its members.

In a statement on Friday, Mrs. Smith Seymour says the church is committed to stand on its mission to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

She says the church will continue to act with sound governance, in a responsible and responsive way.

Mrs. Smith Seymour says within this context, the church deeply regrets the circumstances that have led to the arrest of a member of its clergy.

She says recent events have left the church battered and wounded by the allegations that have been made.

She says the church has sought outside help and counsel, remaining open to criticism and corrections, towards meaningful change.

Mrs. Smith Seymour also says the church is examining its policies and processes, as it probes and deals with all the allegations made.