Cabinet Minister and Government Senate Leader, Kamina Johnson Smith a short while ago named former Opposition Senator AJ Nicholson as the PNP member who sent her emails in 2018 which she felt threatened by and reported to the police.

Opposition Senator, Lambert Brown, this afternoon demanded that Senator Johnson Smith issue a statement and clarify the issue she had commented on in the Upper House three weeks ago.

Minister Johnson Smith responded and named Senator Nicholson.

The Government Senate Leader revealed to the Parliament that in 2018 Nicholson sent her an email which was entitled, “rape, real rape’.

Minister Johnson Smith told the Senate that Nicholson accused her of being a liar and told her that he was satisfied that his e-mail had made her uncomfortable and had “hit the spot”.

Minister Johnson Smith revealed that the e-mails were sent to her on August 6 and September 23 of the year 2018.

She noted that the comments from Nicholson in 2018 also came in the context of correspondence which Nicholson had dispatched to other individuals in 2014 where he appeared to refer to her and warned that – “let your colleague be assured, the evil people do, the big pay back is coming.”

Minister Johnson Smith revealed that those words from Nicholson had led then Opposition Senate Leader, Tom Tavares Finson QC, to write to the Police Commissioner and seek the intervention of then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in relation to Nicholson’s conduct.

Minister Johnson Smith revealed that Nicholson was warned by the Police.

Minister Johnson Smith says it appears Nicholson had held on to anger he felt four years prior to 2018 when he had to apologise for joking about ‘flexi-rape’ in the Senate.

In relation to the 2018 emails where Nicholson reportedly entitled Rape, Real Rape, Senator Johnson Smith said she told Nicholson to cease and desist from emailing her.

Minister Johnson Smith said a combination of fear and a desire not to distract from and overshadow important developments which were happening in the Foreign Affairs portfolio caused her not to pursue a case against Nicholson.

Minister Johnson Smith says she was advised to take precautions. The Minister said she informed the police if Nicholson sent her further threatening emails she’d revisit the case.

Prior to Minister Johnson Smith’s statement today, Senator Brown told the Minister that he knows she’s in mourning but when she’s finished he’d wish for clarity on the police report she told the Senate a few weeks ago that she had made regarding a former PNP Senator.

A few weeks ago, the police confirmed that Minister Johnson Smith had reported to them correspondence sent to her by a former Opposition Senator.

A senior police investigator, Assistant Commissioner, McArthur Sutherland said it could be understood why Minister Johnson Smith felt threatened by the correspondence.