PNP Councilor, Kari Douglas, says the bungling of the candidate selection process in the constituency of East Portland by people she describes as “PNP elitists”, is hurting the party’s efforts to gain traction over the ruling JLP.

Councilor Douglas made the assessment as the bitter divide among comrades about how the party is handling the contentious East Portland candidate selection process spilled over on social media.

Douglas is Councilor for the Trafalgar Division in PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson’s South East St. Andrew constituency. Her comments follow an attack on the party’s leadership by well-known PNP activist, Karen Cross, following what she says is an internal poll done in the constituency.

Councilor Douglas was responding to a PNP blogger who declared on Facebook that attorney-at-law and PNP aspirant for the seat, Andrea Moore has been undermining the current MP, Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield.

The blogger also stated that the PNP has made a mess of the selection process.

Councillor Douglas commented that it must be remembered that a few years ago Miss Moore won the right to represent East Portland for the PNP during a fair vote but was asked to step aside.

In response to an allegation by the blogger, Councillor Douglas argued that it’s untrue that Miss Moore has been undermining Dr. Bloomfield.

Douglas says it’s also untrue that nobody was interested in being the party’s candidate in East Portland.

But, Miss Douglas said she’s happy that PNP Patriots Chairman, Javette Nixon, has offered himself.

The PNP Councilor also wrote that claims by Jennifer Housen about the modus operandi of the party elitists in treating with new candidates are accurate.

According to Miss Douglas, the mismanagement of the selection process has been damaging the PNP across the length and breadth of Jamaica.

Miss Douglas says the bundling of the selection process is likely to hurt the PNP in its bid to gain traction over the JLP.

Douglas also called for a fair selection process in determining who’ll represent the party in East Portland.

In the meantime, Nationwide News understands that PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, told comrades on the weekend that Nixon will be the party’s candidate in East Portland.

Robinson reportedly made the disclosure on the weekend during a meeting of the PNP National Executive Council.

Our sources say Mr. Robinson told the meeting that the support for the incumbent MP, Dr. Bloomfield and Miss Moore, has too badly divided.the party.

Hence, it was decided that Mr. Nixon should serve as a compromise candidate.