The rift in the PNP over the contentious South West St. Andrew candidate selection exercise is deepening.

The Campaign Team of Audrey Smith-Facey is demanding that PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, discipline Councilor for the Greenwich Town Division in the constituency, Karl Blake.

Blake is a supporter of Smith Facey’s opponent, Angela Brown Burke.

He’s coming under fire for comments he made in an interview with our newscentre on the weekend following the meeting of the party’s National Executive Council.

His comments were aired on today Nationwide 90FM.

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Members of the Smith-Facey Campaign Team wrote Mr. Robinson demanding that Blake be disciplined.

The letter was marked private and confidential and copied to PNP President Dr. Peter Phillips, Party Chairman, Robert Pickersgill, Regional Chairman, Phillip Paulwell and six other senior PNP members.

Nationwide News has obtained a copy of the letter.

The campaign team told Mr. Robinson that Councilor Blake’s – ‘I will be campaigning so they will have to shoot me again’ remark, sought to assert that his recent injuries are linked to his support for Comrade Brown Burke.

According to the Smith-Facey team, Blake is fully aware that his comments may be interpreted as him strongly suggesting that opponents of Brown-Burke were responsible for the attack on him.

The campaign team says Blake’s insinuation lacks basis and has damaged the reputation of their candidate.

Mrs. Smith-Facey’s team told the PNP General Secretary that it’s well known within party circles that the Police High Command has indicated that the incident in question which led to the shooting was not politically motivated.

The letter says Councillor Blake’s suggestion to the contrary is therefore vile, untrue, malicious and inflammatory.

Robinson was also told that Smith-Facey’s Campaign Team has increased security after she received threats following the airing of Councilor Blake‚Äôs comment.

The Smith Facey campaign team says Blake remarks have been referred to Attorneys.

They are demanding that he publicly and unequivocally apologize for the comments.

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