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Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Karl Samuda’s future in the shadow cabinet is now on the line and the subject of intense debate inside the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP.

This, 24 hours after he publicly challenged the position outlined by JLP leader, Andrew Holness, regarding the Government’s Electricity Sector Enterprise Team, ESET.

In June this year, Mr. Holness said he would not support the enterprise team because it’s an example of poor governance.

But, Mr. Samuda challenged that position while speaking on Nationwide radio yesterday.

Sources close to Andrew Holness tell our news center the JLP leader is fuming at what’s being interpreted as Samuda going public with his recent private disrespect of Holness’ authority.

It’s understood that Mr. Samuda will be called to a meeting to discuss his future in the Shadow Cabinet.

The bad blood between Andrew Holness and Karl Samuda has been brewing for weeks.

Persons present at a meeting of JLP MPs a few weeks ago tell our news center that Samuda had ripped into the JLP leader, telling Mr. Holness he’s a disaster, because a leader requires “credibility, relevance and fashion-ability.”

Holness, reportedly remained silent as Samuda told him he’s failing on all counts and cannot be trusted.

It’s a claim Mr. Samuda denied when our news center made contact with him a day after the incident.

But, our sources say the Opposition Spokesman’s public challenge of a stance outlined by Holness has the JLP leader angry.

Persons in the Opposition Leader’s circle say he’s fuming and will draw the line regarding Samuda’s disrespect.

A senior member of the JLP’s officer core, says Samuda is out of order while commenting “we shall see what Holness is made of.”

Samuda’s public challenge of the stance outlined by Holness has shocked even members of the party who’re not necessarily seen as in favour of the JLP leader.

One MP told our news center today, Samuda cannot stay.

What might have resulted in Samuda’s strong support for ESET yesterday is also a matter of hot debate inside the labour party.

A few weeks earlier, speaking on June 9, the Opposition Spokesman had said the enterprise team was premature, while questioning its relevance.