Lawyers for Vybz Kartel have urged the Court of Appeal to free the incarcerated dancehall star because based on the prosecution’s case, Kartel was not placed at the scene when it’s alleged that Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was murdered.

Kartel, Andre St. John, Kahira Jones and Shawn Storm, were found guilty in April 2014 of murdering Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams at a house in Havendale, St. Andrew.

Attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson today asked the Appeal Court to note that Police Inspector, Warren Williams, had testified that at 7:52pm cell tower information placed Kartel at the Havendale house when it’s alleged that Lizard was killed.

But, Mrs. Neita Robertson noted that there’s a major contradiction because based on the prosecution’s case, hospital records show that on the same day, Kartel arrived at Andrews Hospital in St. Andrew at 7:48 pm.

The main witness had testified that Lizard was killed at approximately 8:00pm.

Mrs. Neita Robertson told the Court today that the hospital records which were presented to the Court by the Prosecution show that Kartel was not at the house when Williams is alleged to have been murdered.

The Attorney spoke to media personnel following the conclusion of today’s court proceedings.

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Mrs. Neita Robertson argued that hospital records, render as less than credible, evidence given by the main witness that on the same day he had accompanied Kartel to hospital at 9:00pm.

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Mrs. Neita Robertson argued that the inconsistencies and contradictions discovered in the prosecution’s case are major.

She also noted that video and audio evidence leaked on social media and went viral during the Kartel trial.

Mrs. Neita Robertson told the Court that the circumstances are so grave that it’d be impractical for Kartel and his co-appellants to get a fair hearing should a re-trial be ordered.

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