Alrick Swaby reports

The mother of the teen who was mobbed and badly beaten by several women at an illegal party in Barbican, St. Andrew on November 7, says she is elated that four women who were allegedly involved in the attack are in police custody.

Veniesha Buckley, the mother of 17-year-old Kaylan Dowdie, says although it won’t help her daughter to recover from her injuries, it will bring the family a measure of peace.

The distraught mother says she’s anticipating the outcome of the case in court.

The two remaining suspects who were listed as persons of interest in relation to the beating of Kaylan Dowdie at an alleged illegal party are in police custody since yesterday.

Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie confirmed that he accompanied the women to the police station.

Ms. Buckley says she wants justice for her daughter:

At the weekend, several persons on social media criticized Ms. Buckley’s decision to allow her underage daughter to attend an alleged illegal party.

Ms Buckley says she’s dealing with that guilt.

Meanwhile, Ms. Buckley is urging members of the public to beware of persons who are creating fake GoFundMe pages, asking for donations to help her daughter.