Noted King’s Counsel, Peter Champagnie, says he supports the live streaming of court proceedings for the public to view.

Mr. Champagnie says such a move would enhance the public’s understanding of the country’s justice system.

Mr Champagnie, who was speaking to Nationwide This Morning endorsed the call for cameras to be used in courts.

He noted that the idea is one which has also been endorsed by the Justice Minister.

The Mr. Champagnie says he would make exemptions for the proceedings dealing with sexual offences and other sensitive matters.

Peter Champagnie, King’s Counsel.

Meanwhile, Mr. Champagnie is encouraging members of the public not to lose faith in the local justice system.

He says while the system is flawed, there have been several important developments in recent years.

Mr. Champagnie noted that the justice system has implemented many progressive changes in recent years.

The noted defence attorney also pointed to the General Legal Council and its level of oversight.

He says this is another reason why the public can have faith in the integrity of the legal system and those who operate in it.

Peter Champagnie, King’s Counsel.