The daughter of slain businessman Keith Clarke, Britney, became overwhelmed with emotions after seeing crime scene photographs of where her father was shot and killed.

Britney witnessed her father being shot multiple times during a police military operation at her Kirkland Heights home in St. Andrew in May 2010. 

She’s giving evidence in the Supreme Court against the three soldiers accused of killing her father.

Robian Williams reports.

On Wednesday, Britney Clarke wiped away tears as she saw pictures of the area where she said her father fell when he was shot 21 times.

She told the court that she screamed when he was shot but was told by the soldiers to shut up!  

She was shown other crime scene photographs of the house.

In one photo, beer bottles were seen on the ledge of a wall. 

Photos of multiple beer bottles taken inside the Clarke residence, following the shooting, have raised the suspicions of the defence team.

The defence has alleged that eight men, including the now-convicted drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, were hiding at Clarke’s residence. 

According to Britney, her father would store beer bottles on the ledge of the wall, wait for the garbage truck to come, and give the workers the bottles so that they could return them to the company and get money. 

In another photo, eight beer bottles were seen on a table in Clarke’s house.

But Britney said those bottles were not on the table when she was home on May 26, 2010.

She said when she was being escorted out of the house by the police after the incident on May 27, 2010, the bottles were not on the table.  

During her testimony on Tuesday Britney told the court that there were soldiers like ants at her house on the day in question. 

She said her house was completely destroyed.

She added, “I was just seeing destruction, I could see, like the door, evidence of destruction. Door on the floor. The house did not look how it looked before. It was not livable.”

The trial will resume on Thursday morning at 10.