The widow of businessman Keith Clarke, Dr. Claudette Clarke, testified how she and her daughter witnessed the killing of her husband by three soldiers on May 27, 2010.

Clarke was shot 21 times at his Kirkland Heights residence during a military operation in search of convicted drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The soldiers, Lance Corporal Greg Tinglin, Corporal Odel Buckley, and Private Arnold Henry, are on trial for murder in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

Robian Williams reports.

Dr. Claudette Clarke was back on the stand on Wednesday as she continued her testimony in the trial of the three men accused of murdering her husband.

She told the court that she saw her husband, Keith Clarke, fall to the ground after being shot in the back by three soldiers.

She said she held on to her younger daughter and screamed in shock.

Dr. Clarke testified that, “I panicked and started screaming. We were scared I thought they were going to turn the gun on us as well, so we started screaming out. I asked dem why yuh shoot my husband. I was asking question and they asked mi weh him name and I said his name is Keith Clarke.”

According to Dr. Clarke, after her husband was shot, the soldiers started to pick things up off the ground.

She said she saw the soldiers putting items in their helmets.

When asked about the items, Dr. Clarke was unable to say what they were but said they seemed small.

She added that there were still other sounds of gunshots coming from the rest of the house.

She said, “We were told to get on the floor. We were on the floor lying face down. Another man came in and he didn’t have on any army clothes, he identified himself as a police and I spoke with him.”

Dr. Clarke and her daughter were then removed from the house.

On Tuesday, Dr. Clarke told the jury that her husband climbed to the top of a closet to hide because they didn’t know who was in their house. 

She said he told her that he’s not going to allow criminals to come inside their house and kill them.

The prosecutor asked, “Was anyone apprehended at that time?”

Dr. Clarke answered, “No madam because there was no one else there. Nobody else was found in the bedroom nor the house.”

The trial will continue on Thursday morning at 10.