The body of a teenage girl was found in Ewarton, St. Catherine on Tuesday morning.

It’s being speculated that she was killed because of her perceived sexual orientation.

The body has been identified as that of 16 year old Cleo-Lisa Griffiths otherwise called “Liz”, of Clarke’s Avenue in Ewarton.

The police report that about 8:30 Tuesday morning, residents of Charlton Meadows stumbled upon her body in bushes and alerted the police.

The police say the body had multiple stab wounds. The throat was slashed.

The body was clad only in underwear.

The guardian of the teenager, Renford English, says the fact that she was found partially naked suggests that her attackers may’ve been attempting to rape her.

He also says the attack may’ve been motivated by her sexual orientation.

Mr. English says he’s distraught because the teenager was murdered a day before her 17th birthday.