A long time don in Montego Bay, St. James was shot and killed last evening in the parish.

He is 41-year-old Omar Lewis otherwise called “King Evil”.

Police say Lewis was killed by gunmen during a drive-by shooting at about 7:00 last evening. He was reportedly shot more than seven times on King Street also known as Canterbury while in his vehicle.

The police say Lewis was recently released from prison. He was deported from the United States earlier this year.

Lewis’ killing has reportedly sparked shootings in other sections of the parish, include Bay West, Sam Sharpe Square and Barnett Street.

Meanwhile, Head of Operations for St. James, Superintendent Gary McKenzie who spoke with Nationwide News last evening, says there was also another shooting in the parish.

A man was shot and injured around 5:12 yesterday afternoon in Flanker.

St. James has recorded over 254 murders so far this year.