A Kingston man is facing 9 years and five months imprisonment at hard labour after being convicted in the Home Circuit Court on July 31 for Human Trafficking related charges.

Devon Scott resided and carried out his trafficking operations from an unnamed location in Kingston 10.

He was tried over the course of 11 days before Justice Georgiana Fraser between February 3, 2020 and June 19, 2020.

Justice Fraser found Scott guilty on 2 counts of Trafficking in Persons of two victims under the Trafficking in Persons-Prevention, Suppression and Punishment-Act.

He was also found guilty on One count of Living on the Earnings of Prostitution pursuant to the Sexual Offences Act.

The prosecution called 7 witnesses.

Throughout the trial, the evidence of all the witnesses placed Scott in the “driver’s seat” of the operation, which was confirmed by the

It further found that the trafficker exercised dominion and control over the activities at the premises located in Kingston 10.

The ODPP  notes that one particular theme which arose is the use of technology/social media/the Internet in bringing together, traffickers
with their victims, as described by the Trafficking in Persons’ legislation.

The convicted trafficker committed the act of the offence by recruiting the victim by way of Facebook, for the purposes of doing promotional dancing.

Meanwhile, Scott reportedly stoutly denied the claims during his sworn testimony at the trial and in fact his defence was that he was framed by the mother of his child.

He also called two witnesses to testify on his behalf.

Scott was represented by Ms. Tamika Harris, Attorney-at-Law.

The matter was prepared and prosecuted by Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Sharon Milwood Moore, and Crown Counsel, Miss Syleen O’Gilvie.