Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, is warning those spreading what he calls ‘spurious and malicious claims’ about him on social media to desist from doing so.

The claims about millions of dollars being robbed from the Mayor’s car, surfaced on the social media website, Facebook, earlier today.

The Mayor says he’s informed his attorney to examine the claims, some of which is being discussed by at least one prominent member of the opposition People’s National Party (PNP).

The Mayor, who is also Councillor for the Seivwright Gardens Division, says he was surprised by the claims.

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He says he’s ordered a detailed examination of his vehicle in a bid to dispel the claims.

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Mayor Williams says several of his colleagues both from the Opposition PNP and the governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, have reached out to him to ask if there was any truth to the claims.

But he says several others have failed to ask him and have instead joined in what he says is an attempt to sully his reputation.

In a statement this afternoon, the Mayor says his official vehicle is provided by the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation and maintained through the dealer, Toyota Jamaica.

He says checks with the Council, its Finance Committee, the Administration or Toyota Jamaica would show that his vehicle has not once been broken into nor has the windshield been broken or repaired.

The Mayor says he’s seen several political affiliates of the PNP including aspiring Members of Parliament and former MPs and ambassadors sharing what he calls the ‘vitriol’ on their social media pages. He’s urging them to desist from doing so.

Mayor Williams says political sparring must be on policy and facts.