Chairman of the Kingston Wharves Group, Jeffrey Hall say the designation of Kingston Wharves as a free zone and Special Economic Zone is in line with their strategic priority of maintaining market leadership as a regional multi-purpose and multi-user port.

He says the designation is also in line with their strategic priority to provide a full range of logistics services.

Kingston Wharves last year commissioned the largest mobile harbour crane in the Caribbean, adding to the terminal’s capacity to handle Post-Panamax vessels and a wider range of containerized and breakbulk cargo.

This allowed the wharves to handle the loading and discharge of the largest ships that the terminal has ever serviced.

Kingston Wharves also made considerable progress on the construction of their Total Logistics Facility.

This is a state-of-the-art integrated cargo warehousing, processing, logistics and distribution center designed to transform the ease of importing and exporting commercial cargo and personal effects.

Upon completion later this year, the facility will be the single largest warehouse operating within the boundaries of the Jamaican port system and special economic zones.

The KWL Group which is organized around two specific business lines of Terminal Operations and Logistics & Ancillary Services reported operating profits last year close to $2-billion, an increase of 7-percent over 2015.

Terminal Operations accounted for over $1-billion.

The Annual General Meeting is now scheduled for the Kingston Wharves Limited Total Logistics Facility in Newport West, Kingston on Thursday, June 22.