One of the defence attorneys in the Klansman gang trial yesterday withdrew a no case submission on behalf of his client, the accused Ricardo Thomas.

The Attorney, Paul Gentles, made the no case submission on behalf of Thomas on Monday, claiming the Prosecution failed to lead evidence proving his implication in any shootings.

In his submission, Mr Gentles says one of the Prosecution’s witnesses claimed Thomas was a shooter in the gang and that he saw the defendant with a firearm.

But Mr Gentles says there was no description of the weapon, no further evidence about whether it was real or fake and no information about whether there was a police investigation about that incident.

In an interview with the media yesterday, Mr Gentles notes the witness claimed he saw Thomas testing a firearm.

He says Thomas’ defence team will re-make the no case submission at the end of the trial.

Paul Gentles, Attorney representing the accused Ricardo Thomas, in the Klansman gang trial.