Queen’s Counsel KD Knight is firing back at critics in the PNP who’ve lashed out at his move to represent embattled former Petrojam, General Manager, Floyd Grindley.

The Opposition Senator and PNP elder also raised the possibility of him becoming an independent if he’s shunned by the party.

In a letter to comrades, Mr. Knight said his representation of Floyd Grindley is causing some vitriolic angst to be directed at him by certain comrades.

But, he said he’s accustomed to it.

Mr. Knight says the vitriol started as far back as 1980 when as junior to the late Huntley Munroe he went to the Old Harbour Court to apply for bail for a top ranking officer of the PNP who was charged with gun offences.

Mr. Knight says labourites wanted to harm him and his legal team.

And, he says some PNP questioned his sincerity in talking publicly against gun violence, but he survived.

The Attorney and Opposition Senator says he’s been castigated by Columnist Kevin O’Brien Chang for using legal skills to allegedly protect PNP politicians in the Trafigura corruption case, but he survived.

In pushing back against criticism of his representation of the embattled former Petrojam General Manager, Mr. Knight made it clear to PNP critics that they do not fund his law firm or pay him or his employees.

He commented that half way into 10-week long Manatt Enquiry, Dr. Peter Phillips, allegedly provided his legal team with 2-million dollars to be divided among 5 lawyers.

But, Mr. Knight says despite that sum, his legal team did not shirk its responsibilities.

Mr. Knight declared that Floyd Grindley didn’t hire his law firm because they are seen as PNP lawyers but because Grindley thinks the law firm is amongst the best.

He declared that none of his critics have sought the legal advice of Knight, Junor and Samuels.

But, Mr. Knight says some of the PNP critics ask for the political help of John Junor and himself whilst he and Mr. Junor buy their own gas when they agree to humbly assist.

Mr. Knight declared that his firm is not a PNP law firm.

The veteran Queen’s Counsel declared – “we are lawyers who happen to be PNP. That I am a Senator appointed by the PNP Leader doesn’t make me a PNP lawyer. I am a lawyer and I am PNP. The PNP doesn’t pay me nor my staff.”

Mr. Knight challenged Medical Doctor and North West St. Ann MP, Dayton Campbell to indicate whether he’d refuse to treat former Energy Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, if Dr. Wheatley came to him for medical assistance.

He also questioned whether another PNP politician, Patricia Duncan Sutherland of the JMMB Group would decline investments in the the company from Prime Minister Holness or JLP politician, Daryl Vaz.

In his fierce pushback, Mr. Knight ended his letter by stating – “BREAKING NEWS: Look out for another bombshell. If the PNP is set to reject me, I will turn to the Independents”.

He further commented – “but then again I was PNP when the going was rough and I remain PNP until I die. For those who understand my hurt much thanks. Love still – KD”n Campbell for Nationwide News.