The country’s largest medical facility, the Kingston Public Hospital, KPH, is being severely hampered by the water shortage affecting the Kingston Metropolitan Area, KMA.

That’s according to the Southeast Regional Health Authority, SERHA.

SERHA says patients at the KPH may experience delays in getting treatment.

The Chairman of SERHA, Dr. Andrei Cooke, says KPH is not the only facility in the region that’s being affected by the water shortage.

This despite what he says are persistent efforts to secure additional supply from the NWC as well as private companies.

He’s apologizing for the inconvenience and is urging the public to cooperate fully with health workers.

Dr. Cooke is also encouraging the public to visit health centres for non-urgent illnesses in order to ease the burden on hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Spokesperson on Health, Marlene Malahoo Forte, is demanding answers from portfolio Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, following news that the country’s largest hospital, KPH, is grappling with a severe water shortage.

She recalled that Dr. Ferguson had told the country on June 9 this year, that regional health authorities had been directed to implement the necessary measures to ensure adequate water supply is available at all health facilities.

Mrs. Malahoo Forte says the situation at the KPH makes a mockery of the Minister’s statement.

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The Opposition Spokesperson on Health, says the apology issued today by the SERHA Chairman, Dr. Andrei Coooke, for the situation at the KPH, is not good enough.

She says it’s unacceptable that the country’s largest hospital is facing a water crisis.

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