The Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, is this morning raising concerns about a Magisterial Recount for the Rae Town Division in the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, KSAC.

JLP Senator and Councillor-elect Delroy Williams says the opposition People’s National Party, PNP, did not file a request for the recount in time.

He says it now seems the PNP is trying to find a way to say they filed on time when documents show that the court stamp was affixed on Monday afternoon, way after the deadline stipulated by law.

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He says the PNP should have filed for the recount on Friday, as the courts are closed on Saturdays.

But opposition Senator Dr. Angela Brown Burke says the party did file for the recount within the allotted time.

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Earlier this week, both parties agreed to postpone the swearing-in of councilors for the KSAC in order to accommodate the recount.

The JLP’s Rosalie Hamilton had been declared the winner following the final count of ballots.

She beat the PNP’s candidate, Shawn McGregor, by 21 votes.

If the decision is overturned and the PNP is victorious, it would lead to a tie in the KSAC, with both parties winning 20 divisions each.

In this event, the PNP, which won the popular vote, would be able to appoint the mayor, while the JLP would appoint the deputy mayor.

Williams says the JLP has engaged legal counsel, and will fight to ensure the laws of Jamaica are not undermined.