Chevon Campbell reports

The Ministry of Labour is to query a number of concerns raised by Members of Parliament regarding some of the cash cards provided to PATH beneficiaries with funds not used.

The concerns were the subject of discussions at today’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, PAC.

The concern was first raised by Opposition MP, Dr. Morais Guy that in the Ministry’s report to the PAC that of the 81 deceased cash card beneficiaries across the island, 79 were from the parish of Clarendon.

Permanent Secretary Collette Roberts Risden agreed the figure required further scrutiny.

The Ministry of Labour says if the sum on the cards in question, are not used underutilized over a prescribed period , they are to be returned to the consolidated fund.

An enquiry is also done by a social worker a to account for why the funds were not used.

To date according to the Ministry there’s been one-thousand-826 such instances.

Of that number 646 are still under investigation.

However, North Clarendon MP, Dwight Sibblies, also questioned how Clarendon could be the only parish where the cash cards have expired.

He says even a casual assessment of the data provided should’ve have raised eyebrows.

Mrs. Roberts Risden once again agreed that further enquiries need to be done and the figures should be used as a management tool.