Lasco Manufacturing Limited recorded for their just-concluded December 2017 quarter improved revenues, up 22 percent.

Revenues increased to over $1.7-billion from over $1.4-billion, but fell 3 percent year to date, to almost $5.3-billion from over $5.4-billion in 2016.

The company is also reporting a jump in profits after tax of 73-percent for the December quarter, recording $195-million up from $113-million in 2016.

For the nine months to December, profits after tax, however, fell 24 percent to over $530-million from $700-million in 2016.

Commenting on the company’s performance in his report to shareholders, Managing Director, James Rawle, stated that revenues and profits were impacted earlier in the year, by a number of factors.

These included phasing down production in April and May, additional marketing and brand building investments to support the brands and distribution discounts to support sales.