The battle between Lasco and pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, is to resume in the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston next month.

Pfizer is contesting a USD$311-million claim against it.

This following a ruling by the Court that it unjustly barred LASCO from distributing the highly sought generic blood pressure drug, Las-Amlo-Dipine.

Lasco was distributing the generic drug at a significantly cheaper cost than Pfizer’s drug, Norvsac.

All but one of witness statement have been reviewed in the compensation hearing in the Supreme Court, which has postponed proceedings until next month.

Professor Rainford Wilkes is to testify when the case resumes at 2pm on Monday, November 21.

It’s expect that the Presiding Judge will take leave to rule on the matter when attorneys for Lasco and Pfizer complete their final oral submissions early next year.

The case centers on a move by LASCO boss Lascelles Chin to service the market with a generic drug from India which international experts have said is as effective as Pfizer’s drug.

LASCO’s move to distribute the cheaper drug resulted in the pharmaceutical giant taking out an injunction which barred LASCO’s distribution for several years.

The Supreme Court in Jamaica and the UK-based Privy Council have ruled that the injunction was unjust and LASCO should be compensated by Pfizer for mega losses incurred.