Senior Researcher at the Scientific Research Council, SRC, Dr. Lawrence Williams, is apologizing and withdrawing his controversial claim that he has a multi-million dollar anti-cancer patent from the United States Patent Office.

Earlier this year, Dr. Williams said he rejected an $11-billion offer for the patent to his unique cancer treatment research.

Dr. Williams has reportedly faced backlash from members of the scientific research council and the wider scientific fraternity, who’ve questioned the credibility of his claim.

He says the truth is that a final decision on the patent is expected in October this year.

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In June, a Jamaican scientist residing in the US, Dr. Richard Parkinson, questioned the credibility of Dr. Williams’ claim of being offered JMD$11-billion for the patent.

Dr. Parkinson argued that checks indicated that Dr. Williams’ claims were untrue.

Dr. Williams says the SRC has spoken to him about the matter.

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