Attorney-at-law, Hugh Wildman, who is representing previously ousted Police Federation Chairman, Corporal Arlene McBean, is describing the Supreme Court ruling against his client as outrageous.

The Supreme Court struck out a claim by Corporal McBean, challenging her removal as head of the Federation in January.

Mr. Wildman says his client intends to appeal the ruling.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

Mr. Wildman says the ruling defies each and every principle of administrative law.

Corporal McBean took the Federation alongside General Secretary, Inspector Sheldon Gordon, and then Director of Legal Affairs, Sergeant Patrae Rowe, to court over her removal.

The attorney representing the executive members of the federation, Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, told the court that the case was ill-conceived and had no legal basis.

She said Corporal McBean was ill-advised in bringing the claim against Sergeant Rowe and Inspector Gordon personally.

She says at all times the defendants acted lawfully and in a representative capacity as members of the Executive of the Police Federation.

Similarly, lawyers for the Federation itself, pointed out that the claim particularized against it had no basis as the Federation could not be properly joined as a defendant.

The Supreme Court Justice agreed with the assessment.

However, Mr. Wildman argues that the Police Federation is a creature of statute and not a social club

He says a better result is expected at the Court of Appeal.

After an election in may this year, Sergeant Patrae Rowe replaced Corporal McBean as Chairman of the Federation that represents rank and file members of the police force

However, Mr. Wildman says his client still has a right to her legal recourse.