Leave Andrew Holness alone!

That’s the message from Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson to some JLP MPs moving to replace Mr. Holness as Opposition Leader.

In a statement this morning Senator Tavares Finson says the MPs who want Mr. Holness replaced as Opposition Leader, should recall that he was decisively elected as JLP leader, at a party conference in 2013.

Senator Tavares Finson says the delegates who elected Mr. Holness, quite reasonably expect him to occupy the post of Opposition Leader, until an election is held, as has been the custom and practice in the party.

He says it’s apparent that these delegates will not accept a “Gordon House coup” to replace Mr. Holness, thereby thwarting their will.

He notes that delegates will frown on any move to remove Mr. Holness as Opposition Leader.

This he says would effectively accomplish an outcome which the delegates already rejected on the conference floor.

Senator Tavares Finson says Opposition MPs must direct their energy in the direction of the PNP, to ensure the electorate has an opportunity to elect a government that can return stability and growth to the country.

The statement from Senator Tavares Finson comes as Opposition MPs are at this hour locked in a meeting, discussing Mr. Holness’ future as Opposition Leader.