The MP for Central St. James, the PNP’s Lloyd B Smith, will not be seeking re-election in the constituency at the next general election.

Mr. Smith, who won the seat by 98 votes in the 2011 general election, has written to the party secretariat, indicating that he’s withdrawing from the candidate selection race, scheduled for next Sunday.

He was set to face attorneys-at-law Ashley-Ann Foster and Henry McCurdy.

Mr. Smith had been rejected by delegates at a previous selection exercise in the constituency.

He had complained to the PNP hierarchy, demanding that the process be revisited due to the glaring acts of skullduggery and corruption which were used by fellow comrades in the constituency to undermine him.

Smith got his wish, but has since told PNP General Secretary Paul Burke, that he’s no longer interested in representing the seat at the next election.