Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie, has described the killings as acts of savagery.

He says the killings have revived the need for Jamaica to be a gentler society. 

He says the country should ensure the vulnerable are never seen or treated as expendable.

Minister McKenzie says the attacks have also intensified the challenge for the government to do more to house and protect homeless people. 

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Minister McKenzie says the attacks are horrific and criminal.

But, he says he’s left to wonder if it were the outcome of an outburst of what he calls ‘madness’.

This is how he reacted to the reports.

Minister McKenzie says there’s been several violent attacks on homeless people.

He says the government has been moving to provide temporary shelters for homeless people.

Mr. Mckenzie says the government provides a full range of services at the Drop-In Centres across the island. 

He says that includes overnight accommodation.

But Minister McKenzie says many of the homeless people prefer to stay on the streets.

This he says makes them more vulnerable to organized or random attacks. 

It’s why he’s appealing to the homeless people to use the care facilities.

He says there are some 700-people living on the streets of the Corporate Area.