Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has announced a $30-million, digital technology partnership with Google to deploy what he deemed the most powerful and digitally advanced tourism website in the Region.

He described the partnership as seminal.

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Jamaica’s small and medium-sized tourism enterprises are now moving to implement the very latest digital technologies that utilise Artificial Intelligence and Big Data tools to create unique experiences for visitors, anticipate their preferences and harness guest information that translates into tremendous business opportunities.

Working with low-cost financier, ExIm Bank, hospitality technology providers, Avaya and Aruba Networks, and digital marketing solutions firm, Trend Media, Digicel Business today brought a large contingent of small and medium tourism enterprises together at a Smart Destination Workshop in Montego Bay. The workshop was designed for operators in the industry to choose the right hospitality technology solutions, access affordable financing and long-term tech support, all in one place.

Declaring that Jamaica has reached the “age of experimentation”, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Digicel Business, Ative Ennis, said, “The hospitality sector must test new ideas and take an analytics-enabled approach to innovation. We are helping our customers to deliver the future of hospitality in the digital world now, by providing the platforms for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to help them gain meaningful insights into guest behaviour. If you know what guests want, then you can give it to them.”