President of the Medical Association of Jamaica, Dr. Andrew Manning is raising concerns about the resumption of the cruise ship industry amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.

There is a buzz in Ocho Rios, ahead as what is expected to be a major event for the tourism industry, the first cruise ship in 16 months is set to arrive in Jamaica sometime today.

According to Dr. Manning, cruise ships may become super-spreaders of the covid-19 virus.

He added that more visitors to the island during a spike can become problematic for the health sector.

Dr. Manning is calling on the cruise industry to outline the safety protocols that will be enforced, to prevent a possible spread of the virus among visitors and by extension the wider Jamaican populous.

Dr. Manning made reference to the entertainment sector, which he says breached the measures outlined following the resumption of parties.

Meanwhile, he says doctors are aware of the protocols that were previously outlined by the cruise ship industry.

However, he said more is needed at this time.

Dr. Andrew Manning, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica