Some 1,000 public schools are opening their doors to almost half-a-million students and teachers this morning for the start of the new school year.

Several changes are expected this academic year in the nation’s public schools.

Figuring prominently among them are the government’s new grooming policy, the inaugural sitting of the grade six component the Primary Exit Profile, PEP, and an amended Nutrition Policy.

The Nutrition Policy is expected to restrict the availability of sugary drinks in schools. It’s expected to come into force in January 2019.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, in his official back to school message last evening said both teachers and students will have great expectations for the 2018/2019 school year.

The Education Minister says he’s certain all is in place to ensure a successful school year.

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The Minister also addressed several issues that have been at the forefront of many discussions in recent weeks.

In addressing concerns about PEP, he reiterated that sample question booklets will be available by next week.

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He also says as of this week, the Ministry will start distributing hard copies of the full publication of the National Standards Curriculum to teachers.

It was previously available electronically.

Meanwhile, Minister Reid provided an update on the work the Ministry has been doing in relation to teacher development. He says among the developments, over 2,000 Mathematics teachers benefited from additional training this summer.

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