Major job losses are looming at rum manufacturers, J-Wray and Nephew.

According to President of the National Workers Union, Granville Valentine, the company is moving to make the positions of approximately 200 workers redundant.

In December last year, Gruppo Campari, gained a majority stake in J-Wray and Nephew.

Our sources say the workers were officially notified last Friday, January 23, during a meeting with union delegates of the University and Allied Workers Union, UAWU and the National Workers Union, NWU.

NWU President, Granville Valentine, confirmed to Nationwide News that his union is representing 60 merchandising workers who will be affected.

Valentine says the reason given for the redundancies was that the new owners of the company wanted to centralize its operations.

The NWU boss says the company and union delegates are still finalising the severance package for workers.

However, not all of the workers will be unemployed.

Valentine says some NWU workers will either move to other departments within J-Wray and Nephew or other companies that the company is aligned with.

Mr. Valentine says as part of the terms of the separation, J-Wray and Nephew will set up a job bank to help place workers who will be unemployed.

He added that the negotiations will be finalised this week but workers have agreed to the terms and  conditions.

J-Wray and Nephew is one of the oldest companies in Jamaica, and one of the largest exporters in the Caribbean, with its products going to over sixty eight countries.

* A previous version of this story said that the Italian Company Lucano gained a majority stake in J-Wray and Nephew; however, it was Grouppo Campari that made the acquisition in December 2012. We regret the error.