Hykel Nunes reports.

The principal of Cumberland High School in St Catherine, Darien Henry, says more than 60 per cent of Primary Exit Profile, PEP, cohort assigned to his institution are reading below the grade three level.

According to Principal Henry most of his grade seven students are under performing.

He explains that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused tremendous learning loss.

According to Principal Henry, 191 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) students were assigned to the institution this year.

He notes that 60 per cent are reading below their grade level:

Despite the shocking figure, Principal Henry argued that Cumberland High is positively responding to the challenges it’s being handed.

He says 60 per cent of its CSEC students performed well.

Mr. Henry says grade seven students are currently being diagnosed by Alternative Pathways for Secondary Education coaches.

Meanwhile the Cumberland Principal says it’s essential that the literacy and numeracy capabilities of students are assessed: