Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte, says work is far advanced on the third draft of the Bail Act.

In June, the Minister announced that a new Bail Act is coming, pending the revision of the wording to some clauses.

She told the JIS on Thursday that the current review process is focused on fine-tuning the law, with the aim of tabling it in September.

Mrs Malahoo-Forte noted that the existing legislation provides a good foundation on which to do the revision.

The Minister said the revised law will set out the entitlement to bail.

She also says it will look at the power to grant bail, the reasonable conditions on which bail will be granted, what amounts to sufficient cause for keeping someone in custody, and it will provide a good menu of the things to be considered by the court.

The law is also expected to clarify the processes for review and appeal as well as to look at timelines within which actions are to be taken.