A man who attacked a contractor of the National Water Commission, NWC, has been convicted of assault and malicious destruction of property in the Manchester Parish Court.

He’s identified as Frank Alcock of Land Settlement in the parish.

The verdict stems from an incident on July 7 last year when Alcock attacked NWC contractor, Frederick Smith, during a disconnection exercise. 

Smith, who is attached to the NWC’s Manchester Revenue department, was in the process of disconnecting Alcock’s supply for an outstanding account balance when the attack occurred.  

The matter was reported to the Williamsfield Police Station and Alcock was arrested and charged with the offence. 

Under the NWC Act, the company’s workers are duly authorised to enter any premises that’s supplied by the entity to conduct checks on pipelines, examine connections to its network and also to disconnect or connect supply. 

The Act also stipulates that any person that obstructs or assaults an NWC worker during the performance of such duties is liable of an offence under the Law. 

Alcock is to be sentenced on May 19.