A man accused of murdering another man who was ‘like his father’ was found guilty of the crime yesterday.

The jury convicted Jason Brown, otherwise known as Tow Tow, with a six to one majority. He’s to be sentenced on June 2.

The trial began on May 1 before Justice Courtney Daye.

Brown is convicted of killing Denver Hibbert at his home in August Town on March 14, 2008.

Hibbert was reportedly at home on Manley Avenue, having lunch with his wife and three children, when someone called him outside.

When he went outside, he greeted two men, one of whom was Jason Brown, who reportedly asked him for $1,000.

Hibbert reportedly told Brown he didn’t have any money. That’s when the other man took out a gun and shot Hibbert. Brown then took the gun and shot Hibbert five times.

During the trial, Hibbert’s wife testified that she knew Brown, and that he visited their home regularly. She said the two had a father-son like relationship.

The Prosecution was represented by Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Claudette Thompson, Shauna-Kaye James, Crown Counsel and Kelly-Ann Francis who appeared by fiat.

Brown was represented by Ravil Golding and Bobbette Brown.