One of the defendants who was freed in the recent trial of the One Don faction of the Klansman gang was killed in a police confrontation in the Bog Walk gorge on Wednesday.

Dead is 28-year-old Damain Elliston.

Elliston has a long history of crime and violence culminating in his killing this week, shortly after he committed a murder in Riversdale, St Catherine.

William Mitchell has been tracking the dark history of the gangster.

Damain Elliston came to national attention as one of dozens of people accused of being a part of the One Don gang, a faction of the Klansman gang wreaking havoc in St Catherine.

However, Elliston was freed during the trial after prosecutors admitted to having insufficient evidence against him.

When Elliston walked out of court a free man, he told a local publication that all he wanted to do was see his daughter after spending almost a half decade behind bars.

But 19 days after his released from the trial on May 26, 2022, Elliston was back in police custody.

The then 27-year-old was arrested on June 14 during an operation in Damhead, St Catherine. He was charged with illegal possession of firearm after two guns were seized during the operation.

However, Elliston was not to be behind bars for long. He was granted bail on July 13 this year, with a stipulation he was to reside in St Mary. But by August 23, Elliston began to ignore the conditions of his bail.

The police believe he had returned to his criminal ways. Police reports indicate Elliston became involved in several shooting in the St. Catherine North Division.

The police believed Elliston operated as a hit man for the One Don gang. As a violence producer, Elliston became a person of interest in murders and shootings in the St Catherine North Division.

Elliston’s rampage throughout the division eventually led to his demise.

On Wednesday the life of Dwayne Brown was snuffed out.

Police sources indicate Brown was a known violence producer in the Bog Walk area of the St Catherine North Police Division. Brown went by the street name One Don and has been identified as a member of the Klansman gang.

The deep fissures in the gang that led to several murders at the peak of the turf war from 2015 to 2017 are becoming more prominent. Police sources says Brown and Elliston are former associates.

After killing Brown, Elliston met his demise in the Bog Walk gorge. While making his escape from the Brown murder, Elliston and two others were confronted by the police. Elliston was killed in the exchange.

A woman was taken into custody and several firearms were seized. The police are on the hunt for another man who evaded capture on the day.