Criminals in Manchester have declared war against the parish following the arrest of a man described as one of the parish’s most wanted.

That’s the word from the police who confirmed the threat by the criminals. According to the police, the gangsters from Mandeville have threatened that starting yesterday they would kill one person from the parish each day until the alleged gang leader is released from police custody.

The alleged gangster was arrested on multiple charges by the Mandeville Police on the weekend.

The National Intelligence Bureau, NIB, is investigating to determine the threat level faced by the police and residents of Manchester.

The Manchester Police are on high alert. This after phone calls were made to the Mandeville Police station demanding the release of a local gang leader.

The gangsters have reportedly threatened the lives of the residents of Manchester, saying they’ll kill one person every day until their gang leader is freed by the police.

The Constabulary’s Corporate Communication’s Unit, CCU, told our news centre a man considered to be one of Manchester’s most wanted was arrested by the police on the weekend.

The CCU says the man is wanted for multiple offences. His name has not yet been released by the police.

According to the CCU, following the man’s arrest, multiple calls were placed to the Mandeville Police Station where the threats were made.

The CCU told our news centre that the National Intelligence Bureau, NIB, is investigating the calls to determine the threat level. But, the communications arm of the police force says the Manchester Police are remaining on high alert as it’s unclear whether the gangsters will be targeting the police as well as civilians.

A message is being circulated on social media warning people to be vigilant while going about their activities in Manchester.

The social media message warns residents of the threat and asks people to “please be safe”. The CCU is also urging those who live and do business in Manchester to be careful while operating in the parish.

Up to news time, calls placed to the Head of the Manchester Police, Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron, went unanswered.