Children as young as 4-years-old and teenagers are among the vulnerable groups in the parish of Manchester who in recent months have been the victims of rape.

Since the start of the year the parish has recorded 18 cases of rape, nine of which involved victims under the age of 15 years old.

In many of the cases the main perpetrators are their neighbours and boys.

The most recent incident occurred on June 18 in the Newport police area.

Police say an 11-year-old girl was attacked, dragged into bushes and raped before being knocked unconscious.

Head of the Manchester Police Division, Superintendent Wayne Cameron says in this latest incident, a familiar face to the victim has been identified as the suspect.

The teen has also been charged with other offences to include attempted murder and grievous sexual assault.

Superintendent Cameron explained there’ve also been cases of gang rape involving teens and other young adults.

The Manchester Head is describing these suspects as deviants in the affected communities.

The chilling cases also involve neighbours and taxi drivers.

He cites with concern that persons such as neighbours who’re entrusted with the care of young children have also taken advantage of them.

Superintendent Cameron says a taxi driver will face an Identification Parade today after being accused of sexually assaulting a female student.

Neika Lewis for Nationwide News

Meanwhile, Superintendent Cameron is alerting especially mothers to be careful of whom they’re entrusting to look after their children while they’re away.

He says the Manchester Police will be making efforts to heighten awareness in the parish.

Superintendent Cameron also says it’s important for the child protection agencies to offer support and guidance to parents.

Superintendent Wayne Cameron, Head of the Manchester Police speaking on Nationwide this Morning with Dennis Brooks