The St. Thomas Police are conducting a manhunt for a suspect in relation to last evening’s murder of two Policemen in the parish.

Fifty two year old Corporal Kenneth Davis and 33 year old Constable Craig Palmer were shot in the head by gunmen while they played dominoes at a shop on the Poorman’s Corner main road in Yallahs.

A civilian was shot and injured in the incident.

Constable Palmer was attached to the Kingston West Police, while Corporal Davis worked at the Protective Services Division.

Corporal Davis had been assigned to the security detail of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga, for a number of years.

Commanding officer for St. Thomas, Superintendent Charmaine Shand, says the Police have identified a person of interest.

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In June this year, the Police listed Marlon Perry among the country’s most wanted men.

At that time he was said to be regularly seen in the Poorman’s Corner area of St. Thomas.

Superintendent Shand gave details regarding the murder of the Policemen.

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The Superintendent says the killing of the lawmen is a tragedy for both the country and the Constabulary Force.

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Meanwhile National Security Minister, Peter Bunting is condemning the murder of Constable Palmer and Corporal Davis.

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Minister Bunting is appealing to residents to assist the Police as they carry out their duties, especially during this holiday season.

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Meanwhile, the MP for Western St. Thomas, the JLP’s James Robertson, says the murder of the Policemen, appears to be an act of reprisal.

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And Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith, are condemning the brutal murder of the Policemen and the injury of a civilian.

They say the slaying of the lawmen is a vicious and reprehensible attack on law and order that deserves the strongest condemnation.

They say the loss of any human life in this manner is tragic and jolting.

They note that when such attacks are directed against public servants and officers of the State, it assumes new meaning and reverberates a heightened terror in the society.

Both men are urging the Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams to mobilize the resources necessary to quickly apprehend those responsible for the slaying of the lawmen and send the strongest signal possible that their callousness and barbarity have no place in society.