The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, JMA, has come out in full support of the declared State of Public Emergency in St. James.

The JMA’s President, Metry Seaga, made his support known this afternoon indicating that the rampant killings have to end.

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In a statement to the media, the JMA President agreed that St. James, which recorded the highest number of murders in 2017, is the ideal place to start.

Mr .Seaga says both the government and opposition need to have consensus on the initiatives and outcomes of the operation.

He says with this in mind, acknowledging the sense of urgency, the JMA is calling on the Opposition to stand by the Prime Minister’s decision.

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Mr. Seaga further says the escalation of violent criminal activities is discouraging both domestic and foreign investments, reducing competitiveness, and resulting in the reallocation of critical resources. He says without firm and resolute measures to combat crime, all other efforts to achieve economic growth will be futile.

The JMA is cautioning the military and police against using unwarranted use of force.