The court case involving the three members of the Constabulary held culpable for the death of 31-year old Mario Deane while in police custody has been adjourned until April 12.

The date was set when Woman Corporal, Elaine Stewart, District Constable, Marlon Grant and District Constable Juliana Clevon appeared before the Montego Bay Residents Magistrate Court yesterday.

All three are charged with manslaughter, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.

At yesterday’s preliminary hearing an Inmate held at the Barnett Street Lock up in St. James at the time of Deane’s death, testified that Deane was beaten by members of the Constabulary.

The witness also testified to hearing what sounded like Deane being beaten by other inmates when he was returned to his cell.
Deane died in hospital after being beaten inside the Barnett Street lockup.

He had been arrested on August 3, 2014, for smoking a ganja spliff.