The case involving the three men charged with the beating death of Mario Deane while he was in police custody in 2014 has been temporarily transferred to the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

This, as Justice Vivienne Harris, who’s been dealing with the case since January, has moved to the Home Circuit Court.

She’s expected to return to St James later in the year.

One of the men, Damion Cargill, who’s deaf and mute and schizophrenic has been ruled unfit to plea by a seven-member jury in the St James Circuit Court.

Cargill’s attorney, Franklin Halliburton, says a probation report for Cargill has been done.

However, he says further reports and records have been requested by Justice Viviene Harris.

As a result, she was unable to make known her decision as to whether Cargill will be sent to a state facility or allowed supervised care with his family.

Justice Harris is expected to indicate her decision on May 29 in the Home Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, the other two men, Marvin Orr and Adrian Morgan are also expected to appear in the Home Circuit Court on May 29 when a trial date is expected to be set for the St James Circuit Court.

Mario Deane is the 31-year-old construction worker who was taken into custody at the Barnett Street Police station in St. James by the police for the position of a ganja spliff in August 2014.

He died three days later after receiving severe injuries to the head while in custody.