The Mario Deane trial in the St. James Circuit Court has been stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the third time that the case against three police personnel has failed to get off the ground due to the suspension of jury trials as a result of the pandemic.

This is also the 10th time that the case has been postponed since it was first brought before the St James Circuit Court in 2018.

The September 16, 2021 trial date was set on January 18.

However, due to the absence of the jury, the case has been rescheduled by Justice Stephane Jackson Haisley to April 20, 2022.

Last September, Defence Attorney Martyn Thomas had first told the court that a jury trial was preferred by the accused.

The three accused are 52-year-old Corporal Elaine Stewart, 29-year-old District Constable Marlon Grant and 34-year-old District Constable Juliana Clevon.

They all had their bails extended.

They are charged with manslaughter, perverting the course of justice, and misconduct in a public office.

Following the 2014 incident, the police charged Adrian Morgan and Marvin Orr, who were in custody at the time with Deane’s death.

Morgan and Orr, who had pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the beating death of Deane, were set free in the St James Circuit Court on Thursday, July 30.

Both men who suffer from schizophrenia were sentenced to five years and six months by Justice Glen Brown.

However, the men who pleaded guilty a day before the sentencing were in custody for six years and were set free based on time served.

A third man, Damion Cargill, was charged in 2015.

However, Cargill was ruled unfit to answer the charges or to stand trial.

He was released in July 2017 into the care of his family.