The mother of Mario Deane, Mercia Frazer, says she’s faced intimidation from members of the Constabulary Force since her son’s death.

Deane died after he was beaten in police custody in 2014.

Ms. Frazer made the comment during her submission to the Inter American Commission on Human Rights in Uruguay yesterday.

Ms. Frazer says the abuse of young people in Jamaica by the police is increasing.

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Ms. Frazer also accused the government of covering up for the police in these incidents.

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Mercia Frazer was speaking recently at the Inter American Commission of Human Rights in Uraguay.

Deane was taken into custody at the Barnett Street police station lock-up in St James for the possession of a ganja spliff on August 3, 2014.

He died three days later in hospital after receiving severe injuries to the head while in custody