Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, pledges to implement a national health insurance scheme when his party next forms government.

This made up part of his contribution to the budget debate Tuesday in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Golding made his case for a new direction for the country’s health sector.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

Mr. Golding painted a picture of a health system failing and unable to meet the needs of the country.

In making his pitch to form the next government, the Opposition Leader outlined his plans to modernise Jamaica’s ailing health infrastructure. The plan he says will require bringing expenditure up to five per cent of GDP at minimum.

Part of the Opposition Leaders’ vision for healthcare includes a national health insurance scheme and an expansion of primary health care.

A national health insurance scheme has already been proposed by the current administration with a green paper written as far back as 2019. It’s unclear as to when or if this will come to fruition.

Mr. Golding’s plan also includes improved training and retention of health professionals.