The Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica, IMAJ, is this afternoon pointing out that there’s a pattern emerging of sections of buildings under construction in the hotel sector collapsing.

The IMAJ is also pointing out, that there’s never been a recorded case of a similar collapse on a hotel or major construction site when the project is undertaken by a Jamaican company.

The Masterbuilders say their contractors are strictly required to adhere to best practices by engaging qualified and experienced engineering skills.

The Association says yesterday’s incident in Negril marks the fifth time since such a collapse is happening in Jamaica.

According to the IMAJ, a least cost approach is often taken by foreign contractors which often leads to inadequate support and restraints in critical operations such as the pouring of concrete.

They are calling on the Government, to put policies in place that require construction engineers and companies to stick to best practices.

It says this approach will not only ensure that there’s safety and integrity in the projects but will contribute to the development of the economy.

The Masterbuilders are also calling for proper safety procedures and facilities to protect workers from similar failures of construction sites.